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Archer – Legs Review: Rise of the Machines?

Archer never fails to make me feel really bad about loving it. Full of its usual misogyny, racism, and over all offensiveness, Legs delivers like a blow from one of Lana’s man hands.

It has been a running joke these last two seasons that Sterling Archer does not care for robots. He actually despises and is terrified by them. After losing his buxom bride (who was a robot) to the evil Barry (who is a robot) I don’t think anyone can blame him. His absurd paranoia plays heavily this week. Legs is in reference to super spy Ray and his recent lack of mobility. The show opens on his daily struggles with being in a wheelchair. A broken elevator turns a ten-minute trip into a thirty-minute struggle causing him to miss the morning meeting. On top of that, he’s told he won’t be traveling to Rome to find the villain that he’s been tracking. Poor Ray. It seems he just can’t get ahead thanks to the nepotism surrounding Archer and his mother. The constant jabs at his disability, although hilarious, don’t help at all either. Dr. Krieger offers a solution to Ray in the form of Archer’s dearly departed wife, or at least the lower half of her.

Archer will not have any part of this! Cyborgs running around ISIS! Not on his watch! He’s told that he can’t just check out a rocket launcher because he wants one. It has to be approved by Mallory. I find the idea of a “check-out” system for spies to be very humorous. I suppose they do have to be accountable for all of their equipment.  God, I hope that doesn’t mean Archer is based on any sort of reality. I would lose sleep over that.

Sterling ends up in the air vents trying to make his way to the lab to stop Krieger. The rest of the gang tries to flush him out by cranking up the heat making Sterling believes that the robots have taken over the heating system. He gets lost and spends the rest of the weekend up there. Ray makes a full recovery and can walk (and dance) again. Sterling finally drops in and does his best Terminator impression. He then proceeds to pass out… I believe most episodes end with him unconscious.

A typical Archer adventure always includes a few key components: drinking, insults, mortally wounding innocent bystanders. This one is no different. Pam is dangerously inebriated while she assists with the surgery. Poor Brett is on the receiving end of a random shooting once again. During all of this nonsense, Mallory is in her office getting a lecture on business from her new beau. Running a secret agency is certainly based on the same principles of running six (soon to be seven) Cadillac dealerships.

The usual jump cuts and joining dialogue are a great way for a show like Archer to move along. It’s fast and absurd and may require a little rewinding to catch that last quip. Archer has developed its own style and really made a unique show. In this episode, there are frequent remarks to a Luau that must have happened prior and gone horribly wrong. We never get to see the debauchery but it’s implied through veiled comments describing it as out of control. We’re left to use our imagination as to what exactly went on.

Is there any person, place or thing that Archer has not yet poked fun of? There doesn’t seem to be anything off limits. That’s the beauty of an animated show. Nothing is real so no one can get all huffy over some crude joke. No live action show would ever dare to match the violence in one Archer episode let alone the vulgar back-and-forth.

I made the grave mistake of watching Legs at the gym and I suffered greatly for it. I had to remove myself during one of Cheryl’s creepy sadomasochistic flirtations. But that’s not a complaint. I praise a show that makes it impossible for me to watch and run on a treadmill. Kudos Archer


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