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Breaking Bad Renewed For Sixteen Episode Final Season

After tense talks between Sony and AMC,
an agreement was reached for Breaking Bad’s fifth and final
season. Consisting of 16 episodes, it is unknown at this time if the
season will air as a whole or be split into two shorter installments
like many other cable series. Production for all episodes will begin
in early 2012, with premier dates still to be determined.

The official announcement was made by
the president of AMC, Charlie Collier, who said; “While it is sad
to even contemplate the end of this series, we are so happy to have
had the chance to go on this ride, and truly look forward to
presenting the rest of this amazing story.”

The positive outcome came after
acrimonious and public negotiations, in which AMC pushed to reduce
the fifth season’s episode count by half. A move that led to
Breaking Bad’s production company, Sony, to consider moving
the series to another network. Coming to a favorable agreement was a
step in the right direction for the network that seems to be
generating nothing but bad press lately.

Sony TV will still have to negotiate
contracts for creator Vince Gilligan, but he is all but guaranteed to
be around to send off the series. The cast will also be renewing
deals, including Emmy winners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

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