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‘Chuck’ Co-creator Adapting the UK’s ‘Misfits’

America may soon be getting it’s own
version of young punks with superpowers. Vulture reported that
Josh Schwartz(Chuck) will be teaming up with the creator of the
original UK series, Howard Overman, to pen a US adaption of Misfits.
No deal with a network has been made as of yet, and the pair plan to
complete a pilot script before taking it shopping. This unusual move
will allow them to avoid the creative input of networks that
typically come after presenting just a pitch.

Misfits is centered on a group
of young offenders assigned to community service, who find themselves
imbued with superhuman abilities after being caught in a freak
lightning storm. The sci-fi dramedy has already found some fans on
this side of the pond, thanks to Hulu featuring the episodes, and the
critical response has been equally positive.

With the final season of Chuck
beginning in just over a week, the show’s diehard fans will be
glad to know Schwartz is working on another project. While those who
have already been enjoying Overman’s Misfits can take comfort
in knowing he’ll have his hand in the adaption. Schedules
permitting, the two should have the pilot finished and begin
negotiating with networks either late this year or early in 2012.

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