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DC Character Affinity: Power Girl

A hero is an upholder of everything good and just. Having
the powers of a near god or being able to deduce the greatest of mysteries
doesn’t mean anything to most heroes. Heroes have certain qualities that put
others to shame. Qualities like: justice, right-and-wrong and putting others
first is just a day in the life as a hero. That’s why Power Girl knows what she
is doing in the field of battle.

Being one of the multitudes of Supergirl’s, thanks to
alternative universes Power Girl was born on Earth-2’s doomed planet of
Krypton. Zor-L learned of Krypton’s destruction to late to make a ship for him
and his wife, so having a ship built for one person, Zor-L placed his infant
daughter in the ship and rocketed her away from the planet. Having shipped off
his daughter at the same time as Jor-L, Kal-L’s ship landed before Kara’s. The
ship that Kara was placed in was slower than Kal-L’s and it took decades for
her to finally arrive on Earth. During the trip Kara’s ship was called the
Symbioship, which kept Kara in stasis for the entire ride. While she was in
stasis, her mind was virtually growing with the laws of Krypton as her body
grew. She interacted with her parents and friends, and continued to learn until
she was a young adult.

Power GirlFinally arriving on Earth Kara was portrayed (at that time) to be in her early to late twenties. In modern times, she is said to
have landed at the age of eighteen. Having only experienced a small life on
Earth, Kara was reclaimed by her Symbioship. The Symbioship had put her in
stasis once again and projected that she was still on Krypton in the city of
Kandor. Kara had a happy life in her virtual world; she was even married and
had a child. However thanks to the help of a newspaper reporter named Andrew
Vinson, Kara was freed and the two of them destroyed the ship so that Kara
wouldn’t be reclaimed by it yet again. After that Kara met her cousin Kal-L
who had become the hero of Metropolis, Superman. He had lived a happy life as
protector, and also had a wife named Lois Lane. Reacquainted with her cousin,
Kara became the hero Power Girl. She
has helped the Justice Society of America, and has a close relationship with
Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

Crisis On Infinite Earth’s Aftermath

With Crisis on Infinite Earth changing everyone’s origin and
reshaping the DC Comics universe, the continuity of Earth-2 Superman and Power
Girl ceased. She believed to be Superman’s cousin as she did before the
reboot. However, her origin was retconned; Kara told that she was a descendant
from an Atlantean sorcerer Arion and was frozen for decades until the present.
At this time the Justice Society of America disbands and Kara joins the Justice
League of America. While working with the Justice League Europe, she gets badly
injured and looses the power to fly and all of her vision powers. Superman
assisted in the surgery using his heat vision and in the end Kara is left weaker than before. With time her powers came back to the max and she
regained her lost super abilities.

Zero Hour and other minor story arcs

In the 1994 Zero Hour, Kara gets mystically pregnant and
gives birth to a son named Equinox. While Power Girl was a minor character in Zero Hour,
she witnessed Equinox being born and eventually dying due to rapidly
aging. This didn’t happen all at once, but it was a series of events that set
off Equinox and made him just disappear. After the events of Zero Hour, Arion
who told her that she isn’t of Atlantean origin greeted Power Girl and said
that he commanded Power Girl’s mother to imprint memories of Atlantis and her
being the daughter of Arion.

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis - Power GirlWhen another crisis breaks loose, Kal-L returns to the Earth
created from Crisis on Infinite Earth’s, he accomplishes this by tearing down
the paradise dimension that Alexander Luthor Jr. created. As of Crisis on Infinite
Earth’s Kal-L, Lois Kent, and Superboy Prime had all been leaving in the
paradise for over a decade? With post-Crisis Earth being the Earth created from
the past crisis, Kal-L wanted to restore post-Crisis Earth with Earth-2. While
his intensions were good, he ran into trouble with Superboy-Prime.
Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor Jr. were trying to re-create all of the
Earth’s that were destroyed in the past. Kal-L and Lois Kent made Power Girl
remember that she was of Earth-2 and that she was treated like their daughter.
Once Power Girl got her memories back, Superboy-Prime badly beat Power Girl and
attached her to a tuning fork with Black Adam. Wanting to get Black Adam’s
lightning to re-create the worlds, Alex Luthor tricks Black Adam into saying
“SHAZAM” and the energy flows through Power Girl and creates Earth-2 again.
Everyone from Earth-2 gets transported to the planet, except for Power Girl.
Because of her proximity to the tuning fork, she stays on the newest, and last
Earth, New-Earth.

One Year Later

Supergirl - PowergirlNeeding to free the people of the bottle city of Kandor from
Ultraman and Saturn Woman, Kara adopts the Nightwing persona. Ultraman is
pretending to be Kal-El and tricks it’s people to giving him and Saturn Woman,
control. Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Supergirl takes up the Flamebird mantle and the two
female heroes take down Ultraman. When Power Girl gets captured, Supergirl
battled mostly all of Ultraman’s loyal Kandorian soldiers and once Power Girl
was saved, the two heroes leveled the playing field. When Kara Zor-El makes a
choice to leave Kandor in the hands of Saturn Woman, Kara Zor-L (Power Girl)
tells Supergirl that she left their people to suffer because of her selfish

Following the events of 52, yet another multiverse was
created. The god Gog created a post-Crisis Earth-2 and also creates another
Power Girl. New Earth Power Girl fights post-Crisis Earth-2 Power Girl, to
prove to Gog who will survive the outcome of the war. When the battle was finished,
Power Girl of New Earth found out that Gog had created duplicates of
New-Earth’s heroes, and that a older version of Power Girl of New Earth, was
living on Earth-2. With that, Power Girl of New Earth decided that she had no
place on Earth-2 and left to go back to New Earth.

What Makes Power Girl, the most go to girl of all.

Power Girl is one of the most heroic female characters that
DC Comics has got. While most people care about “other” advantages of Power
Girl, she is one of the coolest characters in the DCU. Her series is cool and
comedic at times, while she always stands for truth and justice like her
cousin. While being not as legendary as Wonder Woman, Power Girl deserves her
own team not being the Justice Society of America-All Stars or the Justice
League International. Power Girl has worked great on her own in her series,
with frequent team ups from her fellow team members and others. Overall, Power
Girl isn’t Superman, but something else. She’s Power Girl!

Well, unfortunately
for you, you’re not dealing with Superman… You’re dealing with me!” – Power
Girl, maiden of justice.

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