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Digital High – Fantastic Four Trailer, Nintendo, and More

This week the Digital High guys sit down to discuss the latest in entertainment. First up is the trailer for Fantastic Four, which offers a more serious tone rather than the silliness from the previous two films. Later, Nintendo is allowing YouTubers to monetize videos with Nintendo content featured on it…but a portion of the revenue is sent to Nintendo. What could this mean for the future of YouTubers and other such online video entertainers? You must listen in to find out what is what in this episode of Digital High.

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  • AngelsandDemons1

    My quick 2 cents…in a similar vane from last week, I think that if you have a white actor play a traditional major black fictional role like Luke Cage, Buck Wheat, or Black Panther, you will have a different sort of backlash from the minority perspective. There are very few major roles originated by African Americans in comics so replacing them with a white person is in fact a slight towards progress.
    However, taking traditional and “iconic” roles played by white actors provoke ire from the “mainstream” masses. Blacks and other brown minorities are enforcing their agendas on the good white Christian U.S. citizen. They crowd our borders and drain our national resources and public supplements. They decrease neighborhood property values, loot, make noise in public places, and bring violence to neighborhoods and communities across America…AND NOW….they want to impose themselves in my movies. They want to change MY Spider Man…MY Captain America…MY Johnny Storm….MY President….even 007…..
    As you cans see, there’s a different energy surrounding the ruck of America’s mainstream and imposing a character of a skin color whose race they see as a burden on society.

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