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Digital High Podcast – GamerGate, SEGA Blames Gearbox, and More

Yet another week of the three guys of Digital High here to provide you with all you need to know…as far as entertainment goes. GamerGate is currently going on, find out what this is, what is happening, and if it actually matters. Live action has been popping up in the gaming industry with details regarding the Shadow of the Colossus movie as well as a breakdown of the live action trailer for Destiny. This and much more awaits you once you start listening to this week’s episode of Digital High, your source for entertainment news and discussion.

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GamerGate – 2:18

Shadow of the Colossus movie – 19:48

Destiny Live Action Trailer – 33:58

Xbox One Free Game Promo – 43:07

Hearthstone Hacked by Google -47:11

SEGA blaming Gearbox – 55:53

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