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Digital High Podcast – Are MOBAs Hurting MMOs, Twitch Changes, and More

This may be the most depressing/darkest episode of Digital High yet (not really), but anytime you have a ginger working with you depressing/dark is just par for the course. This episode of Digital High, Aaron, Marquice, and Vince sit down to discuss their adventures in DayZ, Evolve’s delay, Blizzard’s sales numbers, and more. Is Evolve even worth the wait? Why exactly are World of Warcaft’s numbers dropping? Sit and listen to the latest episode of Digital High, your source for entertainment news and discussion.

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Evolve Delayed- 16:10

Blizzard: Diablo 3 Up, WoW Down – 25:09

NBA 2k14 – 40:16

Twitch Changes – 44:23

Israel/Gaza Games Taken Down – 57:30

$40 Digital Television Adapter for Xbox One – 1:10:10

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