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Digital High – Fun with Titanfall, 1886 Underwhelming, and Does Resolution Matter?

The crew of your favorite podcast, Digital High, are back with a few returning helpers. Donna is here to say her farewell, finally, and Joshua is back to lend his voice, along with Vincent, regarding the recent Titanfall beta. Aaron isn’t left out as he chimes in as well for such topics as his upcoming review of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, The Order: 1886 trailers revealing some gameplay footage, and more. Will Titanfall be just another FPS? What impressions are being made in the trailers for The Order: 1886? Listen and find out these answers and much more.

Lightning Returns Final Impressions – 2:54

Titanfall Impressions – 11:20

The Order: 1886 – 49:52

Irrational Games Layoffs – 1:06:49

Doom Beta Packaged With Upcoming Wolfenstein – 1:17:35

Minecraft Mini-Games – 1:21:24

Resolution Differences Between Games – 1:28:20

Digital High is uploaded every Friday night to Entertainment Fuse’s website first. ┬áPrevious episodes for Digital High can be easily found on iTunes here.

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