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Dishonored: Assassin’s Creed Meets Bioshock

In Dishonored players will become a supernatural assassin driven by revenge after being framed for the murder of the woman whom they swore to protect, the Empress.  Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov brings us an original world set to be “unlike any other” yet the game manages to look a lot like Half-Life 2 and Bioshock. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the “steampunk” image has managed to gather quite a large audience within the gaming community thanks to Half-Life 2 and Bioshock. Both the supernatural and the industrial feel of Dishonored, along with it’s assassin style gameplay, make it seem like they’ve thrown Altaïr into Rapture. With this is in mind, is Dishonored set to be just a steampunk rip-off of Assassins Creed?

The first major difference is how you control your character. As seen in the debut cinematic trailer for Dishonored, the player controls the main character, Corvo, in first person. This is also confirmed on the Dishonored web site where they state that you can approach each assassination with precise first-person control. We’ve seen first person parkour in games before thanks to Mirror’s Edge but that seemed extremely hit and miss. Without any major changes Dishonored might have been set for the same fate. Thankfully it looks like it’s going to at least overcome the problems Mirror’s Edge had with combat.

Dishonored combat features first person shooting and spell casting but it seems like it’s going to influence the story too as your combat affects how the mission at hand plays out.  So what does Dishonored have to change to make sure that it is not just cast off as an attempt to copy Assassins Creed?

If I thought that somebody might be trying to kill me I can guarantee that I would not make public spectacles of myself in open places and then proceed to wander around like nothing in the world could go wrong. This is a major thing that Dishonored must not do. I’d prefer to have somebody that I needed to kill just live their normal life. Let me observe them and learn everything about them or just dive down to the streets and paint the town red. Don’t stage something that I have to go and activate. Furthermore do not make escaping the hardest part of every assassination.

After hearing women beg me for money and people constantly question what I was doing I would be so annoyed at the people of Assassins Creed that I would just want to kill them all. Of course this results in a game over so it is not an option. Dishonored needs to give us the option to do what we want. Let me explore and enjoy the game world. Let me slaughter all who live in it if I want. Just don’t force me down a linear path.

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