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Entertainment Fuse’s Stream Schedule 6/27-6/29 feat. Smite, the Steam Summer Sale & More

Entertainment Fuse’s Twitch channel this weekend will have plenty of content from more Smite, the new indie game Evil Quest, and some games from the Steam summer sale that has been going for a few days now. The times are below.

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June 27

Indie Introduction: Evil Quest

Approximate start time: 7:30pm (CST)

Approximate duration: 1-2 hours

June 28

Smite All Nite!

Approximate start time: 4pm (CST)

Approximate duration: until Aaron (and possibly Vince) run out of energy

June 29

Steam Summer Sale Sample

Approximate start time: 2pm (CST)

Approximate duration: none; will be going off and on in order to showcase as many games as possible.

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