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Indie Games Summer Uprising Continues With Battle High: San Bruno

The Indie Games Summer Uprising continues with day 2 of the week
and a half long event.  Tuesday’s
featured game is Battle High: San Bruno,
a 2D fighter game known for its classic feel and fun play-style.

The game feels a lot like Streets of Rage mixed with Street
, as the player controls 1 of 8 playable “students” who do battle in
schoolyard arenas such as cafeterias, hallways, and gyms.  Each student has his/her own techniques, as
well as a meter that charges gradually to unleash special moves. 

The studio that developed the game, Mattrified Games, is a
one-man show owned and operated by Matthew DeLucas out of Pittsburgh, PA.  He partnered with another studio,
Point5Projects, to produce the game for the PC and Xbox 360. 

In response to fans of the game, which was released on XBLA in
February of this year, there have been numerous updates including character
rebalancing, moving from standard definition to widescreen, competitive
scoring, 3 new mini-games (including the classic “player vs. car” mode), and
updated art and graphics.

If you’re into Indie games and want to support
someone other than the industry’s big fish, give Battle High a shot.  You can
find it on XBLA on the Indie Games Summer
Uprising page
 for a paltry 80
Microsoft Points ($1).  Check back
tomorrow for Day 3 of the Summer Uprising, which continues with the
aptly-titled Cute Things Dying Violently.

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