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“L.A. Noire” Gets Honored at Tribeca Film Festival

L.A. Noire is shaping up to be one of Take Two and Rockstar Games’ next big franchise. The L.A. Noire
will be part of the Official Selection at the 2011 Tribeca Film
Festival. This is the first time a game has ever been a part of the
Tribeca Film Festival. Rockstar Games Founder said, “We’re thrilled that L.A. Noire
is being recognized by the Tribeca Film Festival in this way.” He also
goes on to add, “It’s a real honor, and another step forward for
interactive entertainment.”

While at the Film Festival, Rockstar will give an exclusive preview of L.A. Noire on April 25th, 2011. They will be showing off a live demonstration of a case in L.A. Noire.
That will then be followed by a Q&A session that will involve the
technology behind the game, along with the story. This session will be
moderated by the Tribeca Film Festival Chief Creative Officer, Geoff

Geoff says, “What Rockstar and Team Bondi have accomplished with L.A. Noire is nothing less than groundbreaking.” He also goes on to say, “It’s an invention of a new realm of storytelling that is part cinema, part gaming, and a whole new realm of narrative expression, interactivity, and immersion. We are poised on the edge of a new frontier.” 

L.A. Noire sounds like it is shaping up to be quite a game. I haven’t had it on my radar this year, but with all of the amazing looking trailers and Rockstar Games’ track record, this is looking to be a great experience.

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