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Louie – Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 1)

I asked, and I have recieved. I’ve asked for more kid-driven narrative, and I’ve asked for happier endings for Louie. This episode gave me both. The premise is so deftly simple – Louie’s eldest daughter asks him why he doesn’t have a girlfriend – and we get treated to twenty minutes of Louie doing little more than walking around, ogling women. That’s the great thing about Louie, that even when he’s doing something that should be for him and to meet his own ends such as finding a partner, the motivation still comes from pleasing other people. It’s right at the core of why he’s such an endearing character.

So that’s how the episode goes. Louie attempts to interact with women and one by one they knock him down. He manages to sleep with a fellow comic but then misinterprets her attention as being something other than a quick fling in a scene which has a couple of sharp left turns. The female comic in particular has a slightly offbeat, straight personality that reminds me in many ways of Pamela, and as they sit, post-coitus, watching a comically insane fictional send-up of reality shows, you can really feel the strength behind the show’s production.

This episode more than most manages to showcase the little things that make Louie┬áso pleasing to watch. The characters stutter and pause to think about what they want to say just like real people. Louie is a simple, nice guy who just wants to please everybody, and it’s great to see that towards the end of the episode he finally gets a happy ending. He secures a date with a friendly librarian, and he poses triumphantly before rushing home to make himself presentable. Although as this is only “Part 1”, I have a feeling things aren’t going to go so swimmingly in the future, it’s nice to leave the show on a high if only for a little while.

The stand-up segments aren’t quite as strong as they have been throughout the season this week. They’re not bad and they tie in well thematically to the dramatic segments, but in presentation they feel distinctly stuttering and C.K’s delivery wasn’t quite on point at the time of recording. That’s the only real criticism I have of Louie this week, and I had to reach pretty far to pull that out of the ether as it is. That’s how good this show is these days. C.K. Has achieved consistent brilliance, and it’s a pleasure to see him rewarded with no fewer than seven Emmy nominations for his work.


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