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No Man’s Sky’s Heartfelt Video

Hello Games has released a touching video which gives you an inside look into the development of No Man’s Sky and a synopsis of Hello Games’ origins. This was one of the most talked about games at this year’s E3, and the fact it is an indie game with a small team causes a larger impact. Many, many gamers are skeptical regarding this game as it is a dream concept and could steal the thunder from several indie titles that revolve around exploration in a procedurally generated world.

That being said, this video will further immerse you into the indie side of gaming. Sean Murray, Managing Director for Hello Games, provides details that will cause empathy for smaller sized game devs and the issues they can encounter. The desire, the passion, the will to create a game that could be something thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions have been wanting for years. With a procedurally universe, a focus on exploration as well as freedom to have fun, making your mark in this universe through discovering planets, flora, fauna, and much more is what awaits gamers within No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is yet to be dated or set on specific platforms, aside from being available on PS4.

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