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Microsoft Trades Flashy for Traditional

Microsoft has decided to trade glitzy for nondescript when it comes to
the finish for their console.  The slim version of the Xbox 360, which was
released in June 2010, wowed those who were
present at its unveiling with its glossy black finish and sleek design.  The
new finish will look much closer to the old black Xbox 360 elite models (or the
slimmed down PS3) than its sexier counterpart, but with the same sleek design.

If you still haven’t picked up an Xbox 360 and you’re easily distracted
by flashy objects, you might want to wait until the new matte finish consoles
hit retailers.  However, if you have a penchant
for things that sparkle, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the older glossy
finish model in retailers throughout the next few weeks.  Once the glossy models sell out, though, you’ll
be out of luck, as Microsoft has made it clear that they will no longer be producing
the glossy versions of the console.

No changes will be made to the price structure
of the console, so the polished fingerprint magnet will still set you back the
same amount of cash as its more conformist cousin.  Expect to see the matte finish consoles at
your local retailer no later than this holiday season.

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