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Modern Warfare 3 causing Mass Hysteria Amongst Bootleggers

Over the weekend, a few men in France crashed their
car into a truck that was carrying video game-related cargo (which was later figured
out to be Infinity Ward’s latest title, Modern Warfare 3), and upon breaking into the truck, attacked the driver and
passenger with tear gas.  In
similar fashion, another heist was conducted, in which a car was used to block the road which a truck
was traveling, allowing the assailants to steal the truck with the games
in it.

The second attack was not monetized, but the number of
copies stolen from the first heist cost somewhere around €400,000, and the
physical number of copies stolen was in the range of 6,000.  While this may seem like a fairly large-scale
crime, bootlegged copies of Modern
Warfare 3
are being leaked all over the place.  With such a wide-scale release, the number of copies
produced is massive, so if some low level worker at Wal-Mart decides to go into
the back and cut into the palette, he or she could sell the copies of the game
for massive profit (in fact, the most expensive copy of the game on eBay reached
1,700 dollars).  If you’re one who
can wait though, MW3 comes out later tonight at a much more reasonable price.        

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