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More Diablo 3 News Expected at BlizzCon

One of the most hotly anticipated
gaming events of the year starts this Friday, October 21st. If you
are in the Anaheim area, you probably already know that BlizzCon will be one of
the hottest events in town. Traditionally, Blizzard gives sneak peaks into new
games or expansions.  This year, you can probably
expect news on Blizzard’s plans for the newest World of Warcraft expansion as
well as teasers for the StarCraft 2 expansion, Heart of the Swarm. However,
the biggest thing happening at BlizzCon is not the Foo Fighters, but Diablo 3.
Fans all over the world have been lapping up all the news for this sequel to
the classic ARPG Diablo 2, and continually refresh their Battle.net account
page, waiting for that precious beta invite.

With Blizzard’s recent
announcement that Diablo 3 has been delayed, many hope that they will give
anxious fans something to smooth over the disappointment of this news. You can
safely bet that BlizzCon 2011 will feature a great deal of Diablo 3 promotional
material. Whether this will contain the new anticipated release date
is another question. Whatever the case, Diablo 3 fans will certainly receive new information to tide them over to open beta or release.

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