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New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Still In The Works

The producer of the recent movie reboot of Star Trek, Roberto Orci, has revealed that a new television series of the sci-fi show would be a highly likely possibility provided the planned movie sequel is a success.

Back in August he hinted that an animated Star Trek series could be in the works, but recently he said that a live-action version of the show would not be out of the question providing budget issues could be satisfied. “So after [the movie sequel] comes out or as it’s ramping up, and after the powers-that-be determine whether or not Star Trek is back or not – one movie doesn’t make a trend, two movies starts to indicate that there is a trend and it’s viable – it will become more real as the year goes on. It is certainly more real than the first time you pressured me into talking about it.”

CBS are being touted early as a possible network for the show, with early discussions already taking place through intermediaries. “Through our agents it has been raised as a question at CBS and as a possibility with the people who are in charge of Trek. So we are thinking about it to see if there is an opportunity there”, he said.

The movie sequel to 2009’s Star Trek is due to be released next year.

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