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Stream Schedule: 7/18-7/20 feat. Destiny, The Forest, & More

Entertainment Fuse’s Twitch channel stream schedule for this weekend features the highly anticipated Destiny beta for the Playstation 4 by Aaron. What changes he will notice from the alpha to this beta? We’ll find out later today and tomorrow. Tomorrow will also feature more Smite and Sunday, we will show off The Forest in our Indie Introduction series. The times for the streams are below.


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Friday 7/18/14

Destiny beta (PS4)

Start time: 11am (CST)

Duration: Until 8pm (CST)*

Saturday 7/19/14

Multiple Choice! (Destiny beta, Smite, and more)

Start time: 2pm (CST)

Duration: All day*

Sunday 7/20/14

Indie Introduction: The Forest

Start time: 2pm (CST)

Duration: Until 6pm (CST)*

*Breaks will occur at random times, but updates to when the stream will continue will be mentioned before the break begins.

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