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Stream Schedule: The Long Dark (alpha), Diablo 3, and More

"8/29 - 8/31"

Friday 8/29


Indie Introduction: The Long Dark (alpha)

This is the first time Aaron has gone into The Long Dark and his hopes are high for it. The Long Dark, from Hinterland Games, made a successful run on Kickstarter but now it is time to prove they were worth backing. Will this first person survival sim set in a recently post-disaster Pacific Northwest truly immerse the Spicy Ginger? Watch at 2pm(PST)/5pm(EST) to find out.

Saturday 8/30


Path of Exile: Hi, My Name is Aaron and I’m a Loot Whore

Path of Exile is a F2P dungeon crawler which seems to be heavily inspired by such games as Diablo II. With recent changes that Aaron has yet to fully check out, and with loot on the brain, he’s going in to pillage, slaughter, and just have fun. You can download it now on Steam, but watch to see if you will like this game as Aaron will show off as much of the game as possible.

Sunday 8/31

Watch live video from EntertainmentFuse on www.twitch.tv

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (Ultimate Evil Edition): Practicing for the 24 hour Extra Life stream

Aaron is participating in this year’s Extra Life event and as such wants to practice as much as possible for his 24 hour straight stream. Head here if you wish to donate. In the mean time, watch Aaron aka the Spicy Ginger go toe-to-hoof/claw/whatever as he takes on the worst Hell has to offer. Don’t forget to watch him go 24 hours for Extra Life this Halloween!

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