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Street Fighter X Tekken Hands-On Preview

Last weekend at the New York
Comic Con, Capcom held a panel that revealed not only when you’ll be able to
get your hands on Street Fighter X Tekken, but also the extras that will come in the Special edition, along with
details on the new “Gem” system that will help in balancing the game for
newbies, and providing experienced players the option to better customize their
characters.  We also got some
hands-on play with the game as well. 
Here’s what fighting fans need to know.

It plays with a more
realistic style than the recent Marvel VS Capcom games, with less over-the-top mega ultra super
attacks.  Projectile attacks are
present, giving it more of a Street Fighter feel than a Tekken game. 
The game it most closely resembles is Street Fighter IV, but with a very robust tag team system.


The full cast list hasn’t
been announced as of this writing, but it’s growing more extensive as development
progresses, and the latest character revealed at the NYCC is Rufus (An
announcement that brought a mixed reaction from the crowd).  At present there are 27 playable
characters with an even mix of fighters from each franchise.  Several others were teased at Comic
Con, and it seems that M. Bison from Street Fighter is one of them.

A much more important
revelation at Comic Con was a detailed explanation of the new “Gem
System”.  This allows players to
equip up to five gems that each provide a different stat boost like increased
damage, speed, or defense.  This is
intended to make the game more accessible to new players, and can also be used
by experienced players to make their characters more distinct.

The gems are activated by
meeting certain conditions during the fight.  Simple ones will activate by giving and receiving damage,
others require the user to make specific kinds of attacks, or even get hit by
certain moves by the other player. 
For players who are new to fighting games, equipping the right gems will
let them gain special powers just for getting beaten up, or for hammering away
with basic button mashing. 
Experienced players will be able to tailor their characters with
stackable effects granting significant increases to damage, hit points and
attack speed. 

No doubt clever players and
hardcore Min/Maxers will find ways to use these to build grotesquely
un-balanced characters for competitive play.  The audience at the NYCC panel seemed conflicted about the
gem system, but using it is entirely optional, and competitive events can
simply ban its use if it leads to balancing problems.

The gems can be unlocked by
playing through the game, but pre-ordering from certain retailers will give
bonus gems.  Details on the
Collectors Edition were announced at the NY Comic Con, and it will include an
even bigger jackpot of bonus gems in addition to all of the gems that come with
the pre-order grab bags.

The Collectors Edition also
has a bank shaped like an arcade cabinet and a comic book to tell the backstory
of the game.

Street Fighter X Tekken is coming out for Xbox and Playstation on March 6th
2012.  PC gamers will be happy to
hear that development of a PC version has been confirmed.


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