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Supergirl Moving to CW for Season Two

CBS’s ratings-challenged superhero drama Supergirl will be back for a second season, but it won’t be on the eye network. Rather, the series will be joining its fellow DC hero shows at the CW (the sister network to CBS).

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Rumors have been swirling about Supergirl ending up at the CW almost since the show’s inception two years ago. Seeing as the CW is already home to Arrow and The Flash (both of which are produced by super producer Greg Berlanti, who also produces Supergirl), and that the network skews much lower in terms of median viewer age (especially compared to CBS), the series seemed like a perfect fit for the CW. And, when it looked like Supergirl‘s anemic ratings on CBS might lead to the show’s cancellation, those movement rumors once again began in a major way.

No word from the CW yet on when Supergirl will air this fall, or if we can expect more crossover episodes next year, in the vein of the super successful Flash crossover the show had this past season. One would assume, however, since there are now three major DC heroes on one network, there will likely be some crossing over in the season to come.

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  • Irish Jim

    I liked Supergirl. I especially liked her upbeat approach. I don’t like the “US government is the enemy” and paranoia against all aliens, especially given Superman. It is the same problem I have with the new Superman movies. They are copying the Marvel themes and Superman and the DC heroes are just not as dark and conflicted as the Marcel heroes. They capture that in the Flash and Supergirl.

    I was very disappointed that the Flash, Atom and Green Arrow are in a different universe from Superman, Supergirl and Jon Jonzz. I know they were not going to be a Justice League get together, but it also means that neither world is “Earth 1” from the Justice League comics.

    In the Supergirl comics from the 1960’s she wore a wig in her alter ego. She really isn’t disguised well. To pretend that Kat doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl is silly. Kat is very perceptive and she sees both of them regularly.

    Finally, both Jon and Supergirl are more powerful than they depict them. I know it can’t be too easy for them to overcome the villain of the week, but sometimes I watch and “Really? That person beat up Supergirl?”

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