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Supernatural – Repo Man

While the show managed to pull its quality level back up to somewhere akin to pre mid-season break last week, I’m not entirely sure that I even cared what Supernatural would do on Friday. My disdain for the show of late has largely been centered around the story going absolutely nowhere, but now that it’s been going nowhere for so long, is it not just foolish to expect anything else? I’m inclined to say yes and as such, if this review comes across as slightly more positive than some of its predecessors, it’s because I’ve all but given up hope that Supernatural will ever be “good” again this season, if ever (the show’s numbers are just a bit too healthy to suggest that they won’t see an eighth season).

Don’t get me wrong though, this week’s “Repo Man” did its best to not be any worse than what we got seven days prior and it may have even outdone it. Furthermore, it had a semi-interesting approach as far as the story was concerned. We began with a flashback to when the Winchesters were hunting after Lilith sometime during season three, using whatever means necessary upon her black eyed brethren to find out where she is. Evidently this time around the brothers had employed the help of an outsider in catching Jeffrey – a possessed man who had been on quite the murderous rampage. After a quick bit of torture, Jeffrey’s demon was exorcised and so we return to the present. 

In the writer’s attempt to remind us that there is supposed to be an overall plot to this season, Dean takes a phone call from Leviathan hunter Frank to give Sam just a moment to himself in which Lucifer is re-introduced into the story. It is not an understatement to say that this is best decision that has been made in quite some time on the show. Mark Pellegrino absolutely owns the role of Lucifer and despite most of his scenes with Jared Padalecki this season involving him getting no responses whatsoever, he manages to make every single one of them interesting. He rides the line of threatening and funny so well that you almost wish he’d return for real just to give him more screen time (sadly that would make an already suffering narrative even worse).

Shortly after, the flashback is revealed to not have been for no reason as we are then brought up to date with this week’s story: a pattern of murders matching Jeffrey’s has emerged leading the brothers to conclude that the demon they exorcised is back. With no leads on the Leviathan still and nothing better to do, the hunt was on. The next fifteen minutes or so was fairly standard Supernatural; the brothers caught up with the woman who had helped them four years ago, as well as Jeffrey and began to look for who the demon might be possessing now with their insights. Thankfully, all wasn’t as it seemed and there was actually a small twist in the story that took run-of-the-mill to slightly above it.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the non-possessed human Jeffrey is revealed to be the man behind the murders, using them as a form of bait to bring the brothers back into town. Planning to summon his possessor and give himself over to experience the power once again, Jeffrey required Dean’s blood to complete the elaborate spell required to break him from the particularly deep corner of hell that he was banished to after handing the Winchesters the information about Lilith. It wasn’t executed all that well, but the idea of someone actually enjoying their possession is probably something that the show should have touched on slightly more throughout its run. We’ve come to know quite a few demon hosts over the years, but this is the first time we’ve met someone who was actually a killer at heart anyway. 

Rather than being forced into it, the demon was the thing that gave him the strength to be all he could be. It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that some people out there would enjoy getting to experience super-strength and the badassery that comes with it, leading me to conclude that at least someone that the Winchesters had come across before should really have been mad when they were saved. Nevertheless, it has been done now and that is that. The story wound up not ending very well for either Jeffrey or the demon, before one final scene between Sam and Lucifer in which it seemed that the wall that Death placed into Sam’s head has crumbled just a bit too much for comfort. Whether or not this means that we’re going to see more Mark Pellegrino I’m not certain, but for now, we can all hope that we’ve seen the beginning of something beautiful. 


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