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Syfy President Talks Video Games and More BSG Spinoffs

President of Syfy, David Howe, recently
gave an exclusive interview with THR, in which he expressed the
efforts to merge video games with the network, and also the
likelihood of more projects set in the Battlestar Galactica
universe. Recognizing
the link between fans of the network and fans of gaming,
Syfy is looking to create more programming-inspired games, as well as
more game-inspired programming.

spoke on the partnerships between Syfy and game companies, THQ and
Trion Worlds, and the projects he sees developing as a result;
“We’re very excited about games and we see it as a big growth
opportunity for us over the next five to ten years.” Already
releasing a made-for-TV movie based on the THQ title,
Faction: Armageddon
, the network
is now working on a project with Trion to create a game that ties in
directly with one of their original series.
will be a massively multiplayer online game, that releases along with
a new live-action series on Syfy.

addition to the general discussion on their relationship with the
video game industry, Howe discussed whether
fans would have
anything else to look forward to from the series. After the
cancellation of
last year, things were looking grim. That is, until the MMO game
based on the series brought in over 2 million registered players,
even without a
series currently on air. The network is working on a pilot for a new
spinoff entitled,
Blood and Chrome,
which Howe says will be launched next year.

also assured that fans will see more
spinoffs in other media; “The franchise is bigger than a TV series
that we happen to be running…We can continue to figure out new ways
to tell the story. You can look forward to more
spin-offs in the

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