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The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) Review

In my review of the first,
umm, segment of Tom Six’s “Human Centipede” series, I stated that it was a very difficult
film to review as it’s inherently meant to alienate and disgust – so how to
judge it evenly? I had no such problem with The
Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)
as not only does it retain (and amplify) the
revoltingness of the original, but strips away any twisted charm, tension, good
performances and frequent tongue-in-cheek execution that made “First Sequence”
better than it had any right to be.

Many haphazardly brand films
they dislike as “worthless,” but some movies are genuinely without any merit. “Full
Sequence” is such a rarity. This sequel is artless, humorless, boring, without style
(well, it is in black and white, so it must
be high-class), purpose, or cleverness, and is generally off-putting, but never
haunting or lasting. The only purpose seems to be in Tom Six’s mind, in that he
wanted to one-up himself. He succeeded in scope, but failed in every other


The opening scene reveals
to us that the entire first movie was just that: a cinematic endeavour. Cut to
Martin, a lonely and infinitely unhinged parking lot attendant who becomes
obsessed with the film and further obsesses over creating his own humanoid
monstrosity with twelve victims – an addition of nine. You see, these unlucky
folks will be surgically attached mouth to anus, thereby connecting the gastric
system, giving birth to a human centipede. His plan involves shooting his
targets in the leg, bludgeoning them with a crowbar, tossing them into the back
of his van and driving them to a grungy warehouse to await their fate. This
drawn-out portion of the movie slogs along as Martin collects his subjects in a
rythmic, monotonous pace with no sense of impending dread or sympathy for his
victims. The camera seemingly just rolls for the hell of it.

While the original
benefited from a deliciously deranged performance from Dieter Laser as the mad
doctor, Laurence B. Harvey’s Martin never speaks, is grotesque in his
appearance and mannerisms and has no interesting motives or backstory except
that he was apparently sexually abused by his father. In fact the entire second
half of the film contains no dialogue, as by this point all the characters’
mouths are otherwise full (I apologize for that imagery). When the poop did
flow, I was both bored and otherwise desensitized from the previous grotesque
events and simply wanted the experience to end. A backhanded aim of Six may
have been to craft a movie that nobody could sit through, and he did succeed,
but not in the way he likely intended. I felt my time was being wasted, not
that I was being shocked to new extremes.


The only people I could
recommend this movie to would be those like myself who enjoyed the first and
are curious about the follow-up, but I would have to tack on the disclaimer
that they
will be disappointed and viewing
could even diminish the bizarre appeal of the first. But I suppose if you truly
love fecal matter, back-room surgery, blood, torture, infanticide, profanity,
child abuse and (of course) centipedes, you will be in cinematic bliss. Six
already plans to finish his vision with a third movie entitled
Human Centipede (Final Sequence) and
after fulfilling the worries I had that he would one-up himself to a fault with
this movie, I quiver at the load of shit he has in store for us to cap the

Rating: 1.0/10

The Human Centipede (Full Sequence)
Directed by Tom Six
Written by Tom Six
Starring Laurence B.
Harvey, Ashlynn Yennie, Maddi Black, Kandace Caine 


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