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The Latest League of Legends Tournament Ended with More Yawns than Applause.

A one sided victory for Meet Your Makers ended the League of Legends Intel Extreme Masters Singapore tournament.  You won’t see TSM, CLG, M5, or any other well known teams.  This tournament was best as a source for watching up and coming pro players.  A much smaller tourney, especially when compared to the recent Season 2 Championship, but still one to compared to The Little Engine That Could.

A word of warning, there is the chance of running into a few spots of poor quality in certain videos.  Intermittent hiccups of the video won’t pose much of a problem since they won’t take you out of the true action.  But, video stutters aside, this was quite entertaining to watch.  Especially to those who have an understanding of LoL.

No truly awe inspiring team competitions or outstanding builds that could reinvent the game’s meta.  Still, for those that have dreams of one day taking part in a professional tournament, it would be wise to sit down, watch and listen.  First, don’t be like team Armageddon that left the tournament without a single win to their name. However, a team such as Meet Your Makers, as it walks over the competition, may take some attention from the well known.  Ostensibly so with Season 3 coming soon.

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