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Twitch Streaming Schedule June 7 & 8

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June 7: Smite – All Nite! Watch Aaron, and possibly the other half of Digital High, Vincent, take on all random players in the up and coming MOBA, Smite. Will victory await them or utter defeat crush hopes and dreams? Watch and enjoy. Approximate start time: 6pm (central) Duration: unspecified.

June 8: Wildstar – Adventures and Making Money. Aaron made a change with his medic but is it enough to keep his funds above 0? Also, after the short lived, only a few minutes to be precise, experience with the first Adventure made available to Aaron he will toss his medic back in and see if he has the stuff to be a main healer… hopefully. Watch this solo healer grow more powerful as he blasts critters and evil soldiers of the Dominion in hopes of discovering the truth of Nexus. Approximate start time: 12pm (central). Duration: unspecified; breaks will occur to maintain Aaron’s status as “alive.”

Follow the channel to keep updated with all upcoming stream as more content will be arriving in the weeks to come.

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