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Vince Gilligan Updates On Possible Breaking Bad Movie

Vince Gilligan dismissed rumours that a cinematic version of his hit show Breaking Bad is in the works, acrediting the rumours to the ever-enthusiastic Bryan Cranston.

“I think those rumours are coming from him. All I could tell you is, never say never, but it is definitely not on my mind at the moment”, Gilligan said. “If we’ve got enough story left over for a movie then, then who am I to say no? But I can tell you it’s not on my mind in the least little way at the moment”. The show’s current run of sixteen episodes, split into two mini-series of eight a piece, are intended to be the crime drama’s final season.

The show set new personal records whit the season five premiere, Live Free or Die, drewing in 2.93 million viewers to AMC on Sunday night.

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