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Walking Dead #82 – Advanced Review

Walking Dead # 82 is the third part of a four-part
story arc called “No Way Out.” In the
first couple pages, we see Morgan in the ground trying to get himself up screaming how
he doesn’t want to die. The group is
surrounded by zombies until Machone comes to the rescue. Rick is worried that the bite Morgan
took might infect him, prompting him to tell Machone they need to do something to
prevent the infection from taking over. And in response, Machone decides to cut off Morgan’s arm with a samurai sword.    

The group is surrounded by a ridiculous amount of zombies
and it looks like it might be the end for them. When things look their worse, they are
saved by a group of men that are killing zombies in the neighborhood. They protect Rick and his group and buy them
enough time to get to a doctor and treat Morgan’s wound. Meanwhile, a group of
survivors on top of the roof are looking to see what is going on, but the group
doesn’t see anything and they are worried about what to do next.  organ and his group of friends make it to
Rick’s house were he receives some treatment for himself as well as from
Denise. They manage to stabilize him and
it appears as though he will survive to see another day.

Walking Dead # 82Chaos is all over the neighborhood — everywhere they turn
around, zombies are roaming the houses
looking for new victims. The groups in
the different houses have a very tough decision to make: do they make a run for it and leave the weak
behind? Or do they find a different solution where all of the members in the
house try and get out safely?

Walking Dead # 82 was a great read. The story keeps progressing
forward and shows what length humans will take to stay alive, especially the impactful scene where Machone slices Morgan’s arm right off. The book also does a great job of giving more
background to Morgan’s life. Morgan has a nice character moment with Carl,
were he offers him some advice on growing up. It explains that Morgan had a son when he was just about Carl’s age but lost
him to the zombie attacks. He
goes on to give Carl advice that even though he has killed someone to survive and is looked upon as being cold-blooded, he
still has good in him. This
moment in the book was also very touching. The art was great in the issue as well, translating very well what the book was all about; survival, grit
and desperation.

If you’re a fan of the walking dead, this story is just more
zombie goodness for your collection. For
newer readers, this book is not a very good jumping on point but it gives a
very good taste what the series is about.

Overall Score – 8.0/10


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