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A&E Adapting Let The Right One In

With a number of cable networks having already shed their previous personas and emerged as leaders in the prestige television game,  it appears that A&E has opted to jump in with both feet as well. The network has already begun airing an Americanized version of the exceptional French drama The Returned (which is, much like Fox's Gracepoint, more or less a shot-by-shot remake of the original and just not as good), and it has announced that it will also be adapting the Swedish story Let The Right One In for American television as well.


Let The Right One In has already been adapted into an excellent Swedish film and a very well done American version, so the proposed television series already has a large amount of previous content to compete with (in addition to the original Swedish novel). The series will, as with the original piece, tell the story of a "young" female vampire who befriends a young human boy, presumably maintaining the strangely dark and mesmerizing qualities of the original story. The series is being written by Jeff Davis and Brandon Boyce, who are the brains behind MTV's Teen Wolf. Considering how beloved Let The Right One In has become, the prospect of a series based on the story is equal parts intriguing and troubling. US television doesn't have to strongest track record when adapting foreign stories for American audiences (the US version of the film is just not quite as strong as the Swedish), but it is impressive to see A&E tackling an iconic piece for their next major series.  


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