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AMC to Develop Fast Food Comedy

AMC's television ranks are about to be thinned even further by the upcoming loss of the Emmy award winning drama Mad Men. While the network is still home to the biggest drama on television in The Walking Dead, there's plenty of room for some new blood. So, it comes as little surprise that the network has announced it is now developing a new series. The twist, however, is that the network is developing a comedy dealing with the advent of the fast food age. The series, which is still in its development stage, is entitled Fast Boys, and will delve into the post-World War II creation of the fast food era. While there are no specifics on whether or not the series will tackle actual fast food giants, such as McDonald's (which is already set to be immortalized on the silver screen in an upcoming film from John Lee Hancock), or if it will deal with the general era itself, the series will reportedly provide a mix between There Will be Blood and "early Tim Burton-esque Americana.” With the AMC pedigree and strong inspirations, Fast Boys is certainly an interesting concept. But, AMC has had a notoriously hard time developing comedies compared to their dramas.


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