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AMC’s The Walking Dead to be Edited for Family Viewing

If you ever wanted to sit down with your family and watch elements of the zombie apocalypse, you might just be about to get your chance. MyNetworkTV has bought the syndication rights to the smash hit horror series The Walking Dead, with plans to begin airing the show from the beginning this fall. While not one of the so-called Big Four Networks, MyNetworkTV is still considered a broadcast network, and as such, is subject to the same FCC rules and regulations as NBC, ABC, CBS, or Fox. To that end, the network has announced that it will be airing family friendly edits of the often violent series. When airing on AMC, The Walking Dead is routinely rated TV MA, meaning that its content may be to violence for viewers under the age of 17, with mature audiences listed as the targeted demographic. The Walking Dead - Indifference Review: Strong Performances Carry the Episode The jump to broadcast syndication is particularly interesting in light of Dead's journey to the small screen, which saw it get passed up by NBC on its way to finding a home at AMC. Considering the level of violence on the series, it certainly ended up in the right location from a creative perspective. MyNet is currently available in 97% of US homes, and the network currently airs repeats of network hits like Law and Order: Criminal IntenMonk, and House.


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