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Another ‘Breaking Bad’ Trailer, In Case You’d Forgotten About It

As if people weren’t excited enough about the imminent fifth season of Breaking Bad, another trailer has been released. Additionally, the season premiere will be shown a day early exclusively at Comic Con, with the entire cast in attendance. The newest trailer shows Walt fully in the throes of power madness—counting money, threatening squirming lawyer Saul and generally behaving like the kingpin he has become. The trailer will only fuel the rabid anticipation for the show’s fifth season, which airs July 15 on AMC.

There is one way you’ll be able to see the season premiere beforehand, however. Comic Con in San Diego will show the first episode of season five, “Live Free Or Die,” a day early on July 14. Not only that, but the entire cast will be in attendance to meet, greet and undoubtedly recieve unlimited plaudits. The trailer is posted below for you to watch:

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