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Arrested Development Season 4 to be Re-Edited

Netflix's gamble on bringing back cult-favorite comedy Arrested Development paid off when it was released in 2013. Fans of the series watched the rebooted show in droves. However, critics and fans alike took issue with several aspects of the highly anticipated new season. Among the major problems was that the season's storyline was presented out of order, which caused confusion as to where within the season-long plot line a particular episode was taking place. Arrested Development Review: Season 4 Brings the Funny Despite a Slow Start A large reason for this was that several of the Arrested Development cast members had major scheduling conflicts that prevented them from appearing in many of the show's episodes (most notably Tony Hale, who, due to his commitments to HBO's Veep, was only available to shoot one major Buster Bluth episode and appear in a handful of other scenes). However, having heard the complaints of the public, Arrested Development creator Mitch Horowitz has announced he will be creating a re-cut fourth season of Arrested Development in the correct chronological order. However, news broke today that in addition to changing around the various scenes to create a cleanly flowing season, additional scenes and voice over dialogue (from the series' narrator, portrayed by Ron Howard) will also be added. Howard himself broke the news over Twitter, sharing a photo of the updated script pages he was currently recording. No word yet on what format the re-cut version of the season will be available on- either Netflix or only on the season four DVD box set.


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