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BBC America Releases Full Doctor Who Trailer

BBC America has released a full one-minute trailer for the network's upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special. The yearly event presents a stand-alone episode in the ever continuing journey of the Doctor. Matt Smith Exits Doctor Who However, this year's episode has a particularly dark pall hanging over it, as it marks the final appearance of Matt Smith in the role of the Doctor. As is customary, Smith's Doctor will regenerate at the close of the episode and transition into Peter Capaldi, who will be taking over the role for the next season of the show. Details surrounding the episode have been scarce, but judging from the trailer, it appears that the Doctor will be reaching his final destination of Trenzalore, a location that has been teased throughout Smith's run as the site where his Doctor will die. Joining Smith on his final trip in the Tardis will be the series' current companion Jenna Coleman as Clara, as well as (according to the trailer) the vast majority of monsters and evil doers the Doctor has faced throughout the series. With so many villains, hopefully some heroic familiar faces will appear. We'll find out for certain when the episode airs on Christmas evening.


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