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Billy Bob Thornton to Join Entourage Film

Oscar winning actor Billy Bob Thornton is set to join the much anticipated Entourage film. While fans once wondered if the film would ever be made, details surrounding the plot of the film are slowly being leaked. entourage Thornton will join the series' five stars (Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillion, and Jerry Ferrara) as our favorite gang look to continue their take over of Hollywood. The plot will center on Vincent Chase's role in a new big budget Dracula film. Thornton will play the big name producer responsible for financing the film. This film is also expected to contain the requisite sex and general tomfoolery that were also staples of the television series. Also expected to join the story this time around is Thornton's character's 20 something son, who will be given the responsibility of overseeing the big budget production. No word yet on who will be cast in the pivotal role in the upcoming film. No date has been set for the film's release.


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