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CW’s The Flash Casts Wally West

It had been a busy off-season for casting speedsters over on the CW's new hit comic series The Flash. Earlier this summer, news broke that former Masters of Sex actor Teddy Sears will be suiting up as Jay Garrick in the upcoming second season of the show (Garrick's helmet, you may recall emerged from the time vortex in the season finale of Flash). Now, the show has cast its Wally West: Insurgent actor Keiynan Lonsdale will be taking on the role. While Sears is only a guest star in season two, Lonsdale is listed as a series regular, meaning Wally will be around the entire season. uriah-insurgent-2-w724 There have been rumblings (including comments from the show's star Grant Gustin) that Flash will be introducing the Earth 2 alternate timeline in season two (widely believed to be where Jay Garrick will emerge from), but the introduction of Wally West poses the more interesting questions. Since Lonsdale is only a mere year younger than Gustin (and certainly doesn't look all that much younger), how and why will Wally join the cast? Within the comic, he's Iris's nephew, but seeing as Iris within the main timeline of the television is an only child, whose kid is he? And can he really be "Kid Flash" when he's pretty much the same age as the actual Flash? So many questions. Hopefully all will be answered when The Flash returns on October 6, 2015.


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