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Cynthia Nixon Set to Join Hannibal for Second Season

NBC has announced that Cynthia Nixon will be joining the cast of Hannibal when the series returns for its sophomore season in the spring of 2014. Nixon will be portraying a character that may represent trouble for Laurence Fishburne's Jack Crawford.

Nixon's character, Kade Prurnell, will be assigned to investigate Crawford following the events of last season, which saw Hugh Dancy's Will Graham framed for a series of murders by Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lector. Prurnell will be tasked with investigating why Crawford allowed Graham to continue working for the FBI, despite indications that Graham was suffering from mental illness and may have been responsible for the very killings he was investigating.

HannibalIt is likely that Prurnell will cross paths with both Graham and Lector during the course of her investigation, meaning that there is every likelihood she might end up on one of Hannibal's menus before the season is out. Depending on how much Will Graham knows about Lector's dining tastes, Prurnell might run afoul of Lector sooner than one might think.


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