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Deutschland83 Renewed for Second Season

Ja! After a critically acclaimed first season run last year on Sundance (which earned the series a prestigious Peabody Award), the German series Deutschland83 has officially been renewed for a second season. While many people likely missed out on this interesting story of an young East German man recruited to spy on the West during the Cold War (I wrote a bit about it here, if you want to get an idea of the series), the show was a critical darling with some excellent performances and deserves a look if you haven't given it a go yet. [caption id="attachment_71983" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Jonas Nay - in the SundanceTV original series "Deutschland 83" - Photo Credit: Laura Deschner Jonas Nay - in the SundanceTV original series "Deutschland 83" - Photo Credit: Laura Deschner[/caption] The second season of the series, which will jump forward three years to 1986 (the show's writers hope to cap the series off with another season and time jump to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989), will follow Martin Rauch (series lead Jonas Nay) as he is sent off to Africa to fight in Angola for East Germany to continue the spread of Communism. The series, which will be renamed Deutschland86, will film in Germany and Africa in the summer of 2017 and air in the US on Sundance a year later in the summer of 2018 (which will be a full three years after the premiere of the show's first season). The show will stream on Amazon in Germany, becoming one of the first German language series to stream on the site. While the first season contained eight episodes, the second season might contain as many as ten. Stay tuned to Entertainment Fuse for additional news on Deutschland86.


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