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Digital High – Trailers Galore, Xbox Wins an Emmy, and More

Digital High is back after a slight hiatus. The guys of Digital High sit down to discuss several recently released trailers and whether these videos did their hype job. Also a certain console won a certain award, but what does this mean? This and much more awaits you the deprived masses for those hungry for Digital High, your source for entertainment news and discussion.

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  • AngelsandDemons1

    RE: Your Hollywood discussion….You guys seemed to have missed out on the fact that the studios have to increase their profit margin by any legal means. One way to do so is by mass appeal to the largest demographics. This is why kids/family films that are rated G or PG increase that share. R rated films automatically cut out the kids and the multiple viewings across at home distribution and merchandise.
    Those films that have a majority black, yellow, or brown casts will likely net those viewers; since the vast movie going population is white, they need to have actors that are likeable by that audience. They often run screen tests for this on audiences. That’s why actors like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry are unique because they broke through the barrier despite the nature of their roles.
    So, Ghost in the Shell has to net a mass U.S. audience. Johnansen has tested well as an Avenger and Lucy just as Angelina Jolie would likely had she not started playing people’s mother in a movie. (Once you start playing a Mom, you officially leave the seductress realm and become a MILF.)
    Therefore, at the end of the day, are you going to bet millions, the likely budget of this film, on a no name all Asian cast? You have to make to break even at the least and desire to make more. You aren’t going to do that with Andy Lau. You need Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth. When you see the supporting roles like the Donkey in Shrek and Rodey in Iron Man etc…that’s progress…Black Panther will be progress….was Halle Berry as Catwoman progress?…a black man in the opening scene of a STAR WARS trailer is progress….it’s complex.
    It’s economics…Captain America is black now in the comics…I’m wondering if they’ll have the balls to cast him that way in a feature film.

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