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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Breaks BBC America Records

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special has proven to be quite the international event. In addition to airing in 75 different countries at the exact same moment (simulcast around the globe, with is airing in its native Britain at the exact time the original pilot episode aired), and selling out theatrical showings in 11 US cities, the episode broke ratings records for BBC America. THE ELEVEN DOCTORS During its two initial airings in the US, the show was watched by 5 million viewers. While that may not seem like many, compared to the regular ratings for popular series on more popular and prevalent networks, it is particularly impressive for BBC America. In the UK, the special was watched by 10.7 million viewers, which translates to commanding 37% of the television viewing audience in the nation. The various theatrical screenings of the special, which were presented in 3D in movie theaters around the world, took in a total of $10.2 million over the span of three days. To put that in perspective, the showings of Doctor Who took in more money per screen than The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, although Doctor Who was in six times fewer theaters than Hunger Games. All in all, quite the weekend for a 50 year old television program.


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