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Fargo Executive Producer Hints at Second Season Plans

One of this spring's most pleasant surprises has been FX's Fargo. Inspired by the 1996 film from the Coen brothers, the series has taken the charm and darkness from its original inspiration and brilliantly adapted it to the small screen - complete with new characters and new mysteries. fargo2 While FX has yet to order a second season of the series (considering the show's ratings and critical appeal, it appears that the series is a shoe-in for a second season pick-up), Fargo's executive producer and writer Noah Hawley dropped several hints as to what a second season of the series would look like. Fargo, like FX's other hit series American Horror Story, was conceived as an anthology series wherein the cast, characters, and story would be self-contained within a single season. This means that the show's current storylines will wrap up with the series' upcoming finale, and season two will cover a whole new set of issues. Hawley confirmed that this set-up was still the plan moving forward during a recent call with reporters to discuss the show's latest big twist. Hawley also indicated that a second season would likely include call-outs to the original film and the first season of the series, but would likely not include the same characters or actors. While this form of anthology storytelling is becoming increasingly popular on television (largely due to the ability to tell contained stories with big name stars), it's a shame to imagine a second season of Fargo without Allison Tolman, who has become the breakout star of the series. Fargo has two episodes left in its first season.


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