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First Community Trailer Released

There have been a number of questions swirling around Community since the series was saved (with only minutes to spare) from cancellation by Yahoo over the summer. The announcement of Nicole Yvette Brown's departure left yet another hole at the study group table (which had already lost both Chevy Chase and Donald Glover). Things perked up a bit with the news that Paget Brewster and Keith David would be joining the cast for the sixth (and, presumably, final) season. But the question remained: Could Community capture the magic it has enjoyed over the past 4 seasons (we do not speak of the purely awful fourth season that lacked Dan Harmon's guiding touch)? The new trailer for the upcoming season should calm fans worried about a massive dip in quality in the move to online streaming. The remaining cast members are present and accounted for, the gang addresses the missing study group members with humor, and the two newbies seem to fit seamlessly into the cast. All-in-all, it looks to be a pretty solid jumping off point for the series. Check out the trailer below to see what's coming up on the sixth season of Community, which begins airing on March 17, with new episodes each week until June.


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