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The Flash Announces New Cast Member

The Flash, one of the most hotly anticipated new fall shows, just got a little bit hotter with its latest casting announcement. Ronnie Raymond, better known to DC comic fans as one half of Firestorm, will be joining the new series in a recurring capacity. And playing the character is none other than Robbie Amell, who just so happens to be the real-life cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell. amell On the series, Ronnie will be the fiance of Caitlin Snow- news that will likely set DC fans into a tizzy, considering her potential future. In addition, Ronnie, who is also a S.T.A.R. Labs maintenance worker, will play an important role in the particle accelerator accident that gives Barry Allen his particular powers. This has been quite the hiatus for both Arrow and The Flash, with Arrow also announcing that Brandon Routh (a former Superman) will be recurring on the series as The Atom, and Devon Aoki will be joining up as Katana. With such a wide swath of DC comic lore to pull from, there will certainly be many more fun DC heroes and villains popping in throughout each series' upcoming runs.


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