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Fox Announces Big Sleepy Hollow News

While we will still have to wait several more months for new episodes of Sleepy Hollow, Fox made several announcements regarding their highly regarded and extremely popular freshman hit series. The breakout hit, which was the first new series to be renewed for a second season back in December of last year, ended its first season run in January after producing 13 episodes.- adhering to the general standard for cable series length rather that using the traditional 22 episode season more commonly seen on network television. While 13 turned out to be Sleepy Hollow's magic number for season one, its second season will be a bit longer. Fox has announced that the show will air a minimum of 15 episodes for its second season, with a possibility for an 18-episode season. The show's producers will prepare enough story to cover the full 18, but Fox will decide over the next few months how many it will officially order. Sleepy-hollow-fox-1 A new cast member will be joining the Sleepy Hollow ranks for at least some of those season two episodes. Timothy Busfield, best known for his work on Thirtysomething and The West Wing, will be playing the role of Benjamin Franklin, and will appear in flashbacks to Ichabod's life during the Revolutionary War. No word yet on how many episodes Busfield will appear in.


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