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Fox Developing Fatal Attraction Reboot

In this week's installment of "TV Has No New Ideas," Fox has announced it will be developing a Fatal Attraction hour-long event television series. Paramount, which released the classic Glenn Close-Michael Douglas thriller, will be producing the series. fatal-attraction Unsurprisingly, both Fox and Paramount are keeping the details surrounding the limited series (a term the network is using to describe it, leading me to speculate that this will be a one-off series a la Fox's upcoming X-Files reboot) close to the vest. The original film told the tale of an affair gone very wrong, where a spurned Glenn Close stalks and harasses Douglas and his wife. Considering the rather final ending to the film, it would be surprising to see all of the players from the film back on the screen, but who knows- both Close (Damages) and Douglas (Beyond the Candelabra) have worked in television in the past several years, so their involvement wouldn't be out of the question.


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