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Fox Orders X-Men TV Pilot

After jumping into the DC comic-verse ring with Gotham, Fox is branching out into the world of Marvel with their latest pilot, an as-yet-unnamed drama set in the X-Men universe. The series, which would focus on a family who discovers their two children possess mutant powers, would delve into the themes present in the X-Men movie-verse: fear of government persecution and the fight for mutant survival. With the family forced to go underground, they would team up with other mutants, potentially including some of the more famous X-Men within the Marvel cannon. Marvel Studios logo Due to the complex rights deal between 20th Century Fox (which bought the cinematic rights to the X-Men, including the term mutant, in the late 90s) and Marvel, both entities will be producing the series should it move beyond the pilot stage. The series would be headed by Matt Nix, the man behind the USA series Burn Notice. No word yet on if the series would fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the name given to the overarching umbrella that covers all Marvel film and television programs, which all exist in the same universe) or if it would be part of Fox's X-Men empire. Or, perhaps this might be a sign that Fox and Marvel might be moving into a more conciliatory relationship (a la Sony and Marvel over the rights to Spiderman)? Either way, it will be interesting to see how this project develops, especially as this news comes on the heels of the news that Fox has scrapped the previously announced Hellfire series, which would have been the first joint venture between Marvel and Fox.


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