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Fox Releases Gracepoint Trailer

Last summer, BBC America had the honor of airing Broadchurch, one of the most intriguing and heartbreaking murder mysteries to ever grace the small screen. Set in a sea side town in England, Broadchurch tells the story of a small town devastated by the murder of a young boy, focusing on how the case affects the two detectives assigned to it and how the microscope of suspicion turns neighbors against one another.


Not long after Broadchuch wrapped up its US debut (the series is expected to air a second season in the UK sometime this year, although no details have been released regarding how the series will evolve now that its initial mystery has been solved), Fox announced that it would be remaking the series for US audiences and renaming it Gracepoint. The news was met with a chorus of "Why?" from television critics and fans alike. Perhaps Fox is desperate for a quality hit? Or maybe Americans just can't seem to understand David Tennant's native Scottish accent (a complaint I heard from my own father, so it's certainly plausible). Whatever the reason, Gracepoint has been giving the greenlight for this fall, bringing with it a stellar cast (headlined by Tennant- taking on a similar character to the one he played on the British series- and former Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn). Fox has announced the series will run for ten episodes (two more than its British counterpoint), and will have a different killer (which means everyone should run over to Netflix immediately and watch the original). For a look at what is in store for Gracepoint, check out the trailer below:


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