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Fox’s Gracepoint Adds New Cast Member

Gracepoint, the Fox remake of the hit British series Broadchurch (which aired earlier this year on BBC America) has added yet another actor to its rapidly growing cast. Nick Nolte will join the David Tennant series as "Jack Reinhold," a man who has lived in the town for over 20 years running a kayak rental service and acting as a nature guide for the surround area. The role, which was played by David Bradley to much critical acclaim in the British series (named "Jack Marshall"), should be a particularly juicy role for Nolte, assuming the American series follows the original closely. Anna Gunn and Jacki Weaver Cast in Broadchurch Remake Nolte joins a cast featuring Tennant (reprising his role as one of the two lead detectives from the British series), Anna Gunn as his partner "Detective Miller," Jackie Weaver as "Susan Wright," and Mark Pena as " Mark Latimer." While there has been no indication as to how faithful the American adaptation will be to the British original, the similar choices in names between the two series has led to speculation that the American version will be a fairly similar remake.


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