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Galaxy Quest May Become TV Series

By Grabthar's Hammer! Word has gotten out that Paramount has begun pre-production on a televised version of the 1999 cult hit film Galaxy Quest. But rather than simply remake the film, the series will follow the television show Galaxy Quest, portrayed within the original film. Confused yet? Let me break it down, for those who may not have seen the absolutely delightful movie.


In the original film, the actors from a long-cancelled sci-fi series, Galaxy Quest (a clear stand-in for Star Trek) are at a convention when real aliens come calling, desperate for their help. It turns out that the aliens have seen reruns of the series and think the actors are actually intergalactic travelers who might be able to save them. This new television series will show usĀ Galaxy Quest, the series the actors (played by Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, and Sigourney Weaver, among others) starred in. No word yet on whether any of the film's actors will reprise their roles (although I would say it's highly doubtful), but the film's original writer, Robert Gordon, is on board, along with Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad). The fan base for the film remains strong, so there is already a niche appeal. But considering how lovely the original film is, I have high hopes that the television show can capture that magic.


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